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What is Renewable Energy Assets?

Renewable Energy Assets is engaged in the latest methods of energy conservation and new forms of energy as well as development of energy equipments for same purpose and objectives.

Is Renewable Energy Assets legal?

Renewable Energy Assets is officially registered in September 2016 and its activities extend to the territory of England and Wales and beyond.

What kind of Investment opportunity does Renewable Energy Assets offers?

Renewable Energy Assets offers participation in the investment project, which aims to attract funds and implement plans to development of modern and powerful energy technologies and equipment.

What are the risks of loss of funds?

Renewable Energy Assets offers a risk-free participation. However, to avoid possible loss the company is constantly updateing its contingency funds. In a case of force majeure situation, all company's investors can expect to receive money back minus the profits they received earlier.

Who can be an investor of Renewable Energy Assets?

Anyone, - the company's investment proposal is now international and available to all nations.

Can I have more than one account in the project?

For Partnership or investing with Renewable Energy Assets it's enough to have one personal account. Using this account, you can make so many deposits as you see fit.

Can I help my friends to become investor of Renewable Energy Assets from my IP address?

Yes, they can have own accounts on the same computer and from same IP. But please note that such participant should also have own payment accounts and own email that are different from yours.

What do I need to start investing with Renewable Energy Assets?

You have to register a personal account, select an investment plan and make a deposit of at least 10$ through the popular payment systems, such as Paypal, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

What should I do if my password is lost?

If you lost your password use "Password recovery" function, you can find it beneath the login form.

What investment strategy does Renewable Energy Assets offers?

Our clients can become participants of the investment projects and get guaranteed profit from 10% to 160% based on selected package which ranges from 10 to 80 days.

What are the minimum deposit and the maximum one?

You can invest any amount from 10$ to 50,000$. Depending on this amount will vary your daily profits.

What is accrual schedule of profit accruals?

Profit is accrued 7 days a week.

How quickly will my money be deposited?

Your deposit will be credited immediately after sending a payment. Exception is Bitcoin deposit: it will be added after 3 confirmations of Bitcoin network.

What is minimum amount I can withdraw?

$10 minimum for withdrawal.

Will you process my withdrawal request instantly?

We process withdrawal requests instantly but you can face certain delay up to 48 hours in case of technical failure or if your request is suspicious and requires additional checking to avoid fraud.

How many deposits I can have at the same time?

You can have several deposits in same plan or in different plans at the same time.

When will I get my deposit back?

Your deposit is calculated and paid daily with your earnibgs. i.e the hydro plan will earn you 240% in 80 days. Taking out your capital then leaves you with 140% pure profit.

Do you offer compounding?

No, compounding option is not provided.

How often can I withdraw profits?

You can withdraw on any day, including weekends.

Does Renewable Energy Assets have affiliate program?

Yes, we offer one-level affiliate program and pay 5% for any deposit made by your referral.