ABOUT Renewable Energy Assets

First formed in 2008 in partnership with the Government funded National Renewable Energy Centre, RENA now operates independently, offering renewable energy solutions to industrial and commercial clients, having established a national pool of Green Energy Investors.

Having had significant success operating in the UK with a strong community of local investors, we found it necessary to open our doors beyond the definition of maps and landmarks as we take on the seemingly imposible feats and revolutionalize the energy sectors of our ecosystem. All green energy enthusiastes are welcome to partner with us in uncovering more grounds of alternative energy.

With our age troubled with its rising gas emissions, companies are looking for ways to scale up clean energy and cut back on fossil fuels. While most companies typically involve the usual approaches: solar, wind, nuclear power and hydropower, We are already developing technologies to scale beyond the norms, having constructed over 726KM of Solar roads in Japan and UK in 2017.
In the future there could potentially be a much broader portfolio of clean tech than just solar or wind. Since 2016 Renewable Energy Assets Limited works on such five technologies that may be a few years away in some cases, but hold some promise of one day providing a significant source of pollution-free energy.

Tidal and wave power

Tidal and wave power is captured energy from the movement of the ocean. Tidal power generates energy from the tides moving in and out. Wave power generates energy from the rise and fall of waves and still in the experimental phase. A third potential marine technology uses thermal energy. Power generate from the temperature differences between surface water and deep water to drive a steam cycle. This is one of the high priority area of Renewable Energy Assets Limited.

High altitude wind

Similar to the land-based and offshore versions, high-altitude wind energy harnesses power from wind, but as the name suggests, from very high altitudes. A few hundreds of turbines which belong Renewable Energy Assets Limited are tethered to the ground via cables and fly hundreds of feet in the air where winds are much stronger and more consistent.

Solar roads

This is already here, roads are paved with solar panels. We have successfully Invented hexagonal solar panels durable enough to withstand vehicle traffic. According to renowned analyst Laura Morris, if all 28000 miles of the United Kingdom roadways are covered in these solar cells, it would generate three times more power than the entire country uses. Now Renewable Energy Assets builds a prototype solar parking lot, which will be one of the first of its kind. Our technicians are confident that it is a stepping stone to much bigger market solar roadways.

Space solar

Solar every year increase part in the electric power sector, but one downside is that it doesn't generate power constantly. The sun has an annoying tendency of not shining in the same spot all the time. We want to get around that problem by building solar panels in space. Space-based solar power would generate power from the sun 24/7, and then beam the energy down to anywhere on earth using lasers or microwaves. Our receiver can turn the energy into useful power.

Sewage waste

Cities everywhere have to deal with human waste on an enormous scale. Treating water and disposing of waste costs a lot of money, but what if that waste could be turned into useful electricity? The idea is that human waste is taken to a treatment plant where it is heated and pressurized. Then microorganisms known as methanogens go to work on the waste, and methane is produced as a byproduct. The methane can be captured and burned as electricity. Now this technology testing by Renewable Energy Assets Limited in several countries: such as UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

All this ways of new power need investment to fully develop the needed technologies. In the future, civilization will be forced to research and develop alternative energy sources. In order to survive the energy crisis, many companies in energy are inventing new ways to extract energy from renewable sources. While the rate of development is slow, mainstream awareness and government pressures are growing. Now it's the best time to start cooperate with Renewable Energy Assets Limited and help us to become the leader in such industry. We offer only profitable and safe investment, this is the best way not to only make money but to become a part of modern and perspective business. We develop international investment direction which means that anyone can join Renewable Energy Assets Limited. Do this right now - Let's succeed together.